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 Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (1/7/15)  The January Effect, the surge that small-cap companies may experience at the beginning of the year, goes back some seven decades. What will 2015 bring? The Gold Report talked to some experts to find out what they are expecting in the early days of the new year and which companies […]

In a moment we will provide our answer to this interesting question. The correction in the price of gold and silver is now in its fourth year, and in the words of W. D. Gann: “When time is up – price will turn.” Featured is the weekly gold chart. The current bull market …

 The 2000s gold bull has brought a lot of attention to West Africa. This attention has not always translated to success given the unstable geopolitical environment in this part of the world. But the diligent miners able to endure and overcome the challenges have been rewarded with some major discoveries that have been …

 Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (12/31/14) The junior resource market is at a historic low point, but Kaiser Research Online author John Kaiser knows it just takes one big discovery to bring excitement—and investor dollars—back to the market. It has happened before. In this interview with The Gold Report, he reveals which four companies could lead the way. […]

If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by Sun Tzu, The Art of War, fifth century BC  When growth slows in …

 Gold stocks have suffered a miserable few years, becoming a laughingstock even among contrarians. But this despised sector’s seemingly-endless downward spiral has left gold stocks vastly undervalued relative to gold, which drives their profits. The fundamentally-absurd disconnect between gold-stock price levels and gold can’t last. And it sure looks ready to end, …

 Gold has suffered a rough couple of months, getting pounded below major support. One driver was stock-market capital flowing out of gold again, as evidenced by renewed differential selling pressure seen in gold-ETF shares. But this was minor compared to last year’s, despite extreme bearish sentiment plaguing gold. Gold-ETF selling exhaustion has …

from Adrian Ash BullionVault Thurs 26 Sept 09:10 EST  Precious Metals “Driven” by US Debt Limit as 3-Week Countdown Begins  The WHOLESALE price of gold and other precious metals touched 4-session highs Thursday morning in London, after US Treasury secretary Jack Lew warned yesterday that the government will run out of money in just 3 […]

By Neil Charnock  The Australian gold sector (XGD) is selling today (intra-day) at a record 53.56% below its 200dma. This is a rare event indeed as even the 2008 violent panic crash produced a low around 48% below the 200dma at that time. This current crash on the Australian XGD is a fall of […]

 One of the most important pieces of data last week was Friday’s U.S. non-farm payrolls report. U.S. employers added 195,000 new jobs to their payrolls last month, exceeding expectations of 165,000, the Labor Department said on Friday, cementing expectations the Fed will start winding down its $85 billion monthly bond purchases. It was a very […]

 Successful investing requires buying low before later selling high. And stock prices are the lowest when they are the most deeply out of favor. That perfectly describes gold miners’ stocks these days, this sector is loathed and despised after a horrendous year so far. But these battered stocks are now offering epic …

   The recent collapse in gold price hasn’t discouraged consumers across Asia, and in particular from China and India from buying yellow metal. Taken together, China and India account for more than half of the total consumer bullion demand worldwide. What we are seeing now is an exceptional phenomenon because Indian demand for gold is […]

Gold, Silver & Precious Metal Miners Signals It has been a very long couple of years for the precious metal bugs. The price of gold, silver and their related mining stocks have bucked the broad market up trend and instead have been sinking to the bottom in terms of performance. Earlier this week I posted […]

     This article was posted for the benefit of subscribers on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013. I have included one Elliott Wave count of gold at the very end…it is not important to understand the wave count, just the implied direction, which should be hinted at the US Dollar Index. I was following a pattern […]

   The Wall Street Journal ran a piece delineating the two sides of the gold debate giving five reasons why the gold bulls are right and five reasons why the gold bears are right.  Here is the 5-point gold “Bull” case:  Fears that Cyprus may sell its gold have receded. The exuberance in the equities […]

   Jim Rogers recently said in an interview to Morningstar, that he is not disturbed by the recent tumble in gold prices.  “Gold had gone up 12 years in a row, without a down year, which is extremely unusual in any asset. Equally important, gold has only had one 30% correction in 12 years. Again, […]

by Warren Bevan     It was really another amazing week. We had a great April except the last week while consolidation occurred and we didn’t do much but this past week starting into May has been another great one.     Markets set up all week and Friday broke into new highs. Several of our stocks are moving […]

How to trade Gold and other precious metals related investments is not that complex. But you must be willing to wait for price to provide low risk entry points before getting involved. Precious metals are like any other investment in respect to trading and investing in them. There are times when you should be long, […]

by Warren Bevan Bull Flags     It was really another amazing week. We had a great April except the last week while consolidation occurred and we didn’t do much but this past week starting into May has been another great one.     Markets set up all week and Friday broke into new highs. Several of our stocks […]

by Ben Traynor BullionVault Thursday, 2 May 2013  What exactly does ‘speculative net long’ mean…?  EVERY FRIDAY, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission publishes data that enable analysts to ‘take the pulse’ of various commodity markets.  The Commitments of Traders (CoT) report gives the aggregate positions held by traders from the previous Tuesday, including the number of long […]