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The purpose of this site is to provide investors with consolidated single stop location where they can obtain truthful, non biased, factual information about the financial markets and investment opportunities. Our primary focus is on the stock market and the commodities. Specifically we specialize in the Gold and Energy markets utilizing technical analysis for direction as well as monitoring the Dollar and relevant events. The information presented in this site is not based on the Hope and Hype heard by the so-called mainstream “analysts.” This site is a conglomerate of the best financial sites on the web, providing investors with multiple views for analysis conformation.

Specific Services

We offer these specific services

  • A Free Subscription Service for our Subscribers, Accredited Investors and Partners. Remco Gold’s contributors are individually selected for writing quality, accuracy, usefulness and content. Investors can select from various investment categories for free e-mail deliveries. The posts delivered to investors is provided free of charge to Remco Gold for the purpose of investor awairness and contribotors exposure. All subscriber e-mail addresses are confidential and not for re-distribution.
  • A Dedicated Gold and Platinum Subscription Page for both speculators and investors who want to have an absolute edge on on their market decisions.
  • Free Technical Analysis Site we link you up with free trading tools giving you free technical analysis for your speculation and investment decisions. By having access to multiple suppliers you are assured to have the most comprehensive views.
  • The truth about markets including in gold, energy, inflation and the economy.
  • A gold Store -where you can buy, sell and store your investments in a secure insurred Canadian vault. Your precious metal is always available for you on demand.
  • A contributors Page -which is specifically designed for contributors who want increased exposure to their work along with a linkback which increases the sites internet search ranking. Linkbacks to Remco Gold are appreciated. Many of our contributors are trusted authors with permission to publish without review. Each published article is distributed to subscribers who have a direct interest in the specific topic category. We do not spam, articles are distributed to requested subscribers only.

Remco gold is in fact a commuinity of Business Market Writers, working together to improve their exposure. Our Subscribers benifit through greated exposure of shared knowledge and services.

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